Patient ID - Solution

transfusion safety additional to the bedside test,
confusion-safe documentation of patient-specific parameters, and QM extension

Patient safety is a top priority subject in healthcare 

According to experts, avoidable but serious events occur in 2 to 4% of all treatments. Therefore, both a well-established quality and a risk management system play a central role in everyday’s clinical practice. 
In particular, the advancing digitalization can make a huge contribution to patient safety.

The handling of blood supply is still particularly at high risk and errors might occur from time to time. Too often, the sample tubes end up on a wrong lab or are even lost completely.

This is a cost and treatment intensive issue for patients and employees.

A digital solution can improve patient safety using RFID chips connected to the ID of the patient. These will be used to trace and compare blood samples and connects all data to a single patient. A mix-up would then be almost impossible. 

Our patient ID sensor solution ensures enhanced patient safety,
 and is an easy-to-implement and user-friendly method to grow quality management to a higher level.